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EMS Training: Best way to recover from an injury faster

Injuries are unpredictable. They never come with a special warning. They can suddenly put your life on hold! Anything from a knee to a shoulder injury can disrupt your day-to-day functioning. Even while exercising, you can incur a lot of injuries such as muscle tears and strains. These can decrease the chances of you attaining your desired fitness goals. But not anymore!

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) Training has made recovering from an injury easier and faster than ever! It's been popular in the fitness world as an effective way to lose weight and increase strength, but it is useful for so much more. EMS Training is used in physiotherapy to recover from injuries and make a safe return to normal life.


How does EMS Training help you recover from an injury?
When it comes to EMS Training for injury prevention, it acts as a perfect tool for accelerating recovery by targeting inactive muscles surrounding the injured area. After placing electrodes on the suit, electric impulses are passed through the muscles that fire them up! From here onwards begins the strengthening of weak muscles that helps prevent any sort of injury from happening.
The major advantage of this type of training for recovery from an injury is no dependency on weights! In conventional training, weights are used to put stress on the joints and further increases the risk of injury. Whereas in a full-body EMS Workout, to train the muscles effectively and increase strength, no heavyweights are being used. Thus, easy on your joints and prevents injury, making it ideal for the elderly as well! Based on EMS research study in the year 2010 – 2012, EMS Training is risk-free strength training even for the elderly and showed significant positive results in the form of increased muscle mass, reduces body fat, increased power and strength.


When to use EMS Training for recovery from an injury?
During the initial 72 hours when the injury is fresh, there should be less movement. Once 72 hours are over, an EMS Pulsing can be applied to the affected area for one time only! After a few days, you can begin with the usual high-intensity EMS Workout by transferring electric impulses to muscles in order to strengthen them and prevent injuries.

If you want to recover from a knee injury or shoulder injury through EMS Training for Sports performance enhancement, visit the closest Tecfit20 centre near you today!

The EMS Training at Tecfit20 is highly effective in providing results after 3-4 sessions of 20-minutes only! A personal trainer guides and reviews your electrical muscle stimulation training throughout to activate muscle groups in and around the injured area to recover fully. For more information, please visit: http://www.tecfit20.com/


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