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EMS workout vs Conventional workout - Which is better?

No doubt that conventional workout is effective in bringing changes into your body that you have always dreamt of! However, there are certain barriers which makes it less convincing and motivating such as long working hours and less visible results after multiple sessions to name a few.

That’s why people are switching to better alternatives which are easy to follow and provide quick results, one of them being - EMS Training, the best exercise regimen to lose weight fast and strengthen overall muscles in the body.

Why would you workout for an hour when the same results are possible to attain in just 20-minutes with EMS Training?

Other than this, there are many other advantages of EMS Training which makes it better than conventional workout to follow.



EMS Workout

Conventional Workout

Time taken

20-minutes only

Around 1 Hour

Muscle Mass

5x faster
Activates 90% of the muscle fibers


Easy on Joints

Yes because of no use of weight

No, since it makes use of heavy weights

Back Pain



Weight Loss

Burns calories 3 times faster by stimulating the tissue deep down that holds fat


Specialized Personal Trainer


Additional Costs

Expected Results

After 3-4 sessions, you will feel the difference

Average 15-20 sessions

Improved Posture




In conclusion, we would like to say that certainly there are many great exercises to lose weight fast, build muscles, increase core strength and much more. But to reap such benefits in short span, EMS Training is the most effective way as compared to conventional training. So, don’t think too much! Visit any of our centres near you for the best high-quality EMS Training experience in India.


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