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Hectic Routine? Here are quick exercises for weight loss

In today’s fast-paced world life has become so hectic. The overloaded schedules make it difficult to take time out for exercise and maintain fitness. This results in erratic, unhealthy eating habits which cause weight gain.

Weight gain seems to be the most talked about issue in recent times. The third most searched ‘how to’ term on Google is ‘how to lose weight’ making it evident that people are concerned about burning extra fat. However to squeeze out time from a busy schedule isn’t easy, leading to unwanted frustration and hence the person might hesitate to take the plunge right then. No worries now since there are some great quick exercises for weight loss which are easy to incorporate into a workout plan on a busy schedule.  

  1.  Mountain Climbing
    Kneel on all fours. Straighten the right leg and lift your right knee toward your chest. Just keep switching leg positions.
  1. Flutter Kicks
    Lie flat on the floor. Then slowly raise left leg to 45 degrees and alternate your legs in a kicking motion.
  1.  Reverse Crunch
    Lie flat on the floor with hands by your sides. Then lift your knees upwards along with lifting your hips and lower back off the ground.
  1.  Skipping
    The fastest and the most effective way to burn calories and get the benefits of cardio. Just make sure to stay light on your feet and keep your chest lifted.
  1. Leg Lift
    Lie flat on the floor and raise one leg up in the air. Hold for few seconds, and then lift the other leg. Keep switching sides.
  1. Stationary cycling
    Lie on the floor with legs in the air. Keep hands behind your head and slowly lift your shoulders a bit off the ground. Bring right elbow towards left knee and then left elbow towards the right knee while cycling simultaneously.
  1. Burpees
    Put your hands on the floor by your feet. Jump your feet back into plank position and then jump back to starting position.

Weight loss tends to be on everybody’s agenda nowadays. Everyone wants to achieve a body of his/her dreams. And what better way than to indulge in some quick weight loss exercises which can do wonders to your body and will discipline the mind.

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Furthermore, there is an increase in overall strength, metabolism, endurance and muscles mass. 1-2 sessions every week and that’s all it takes to tone up and get back in shape. If in India you are looking for the best EMS Training centre, click here.

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