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How to Improve your Brain Health

Problems are an inevitable part of our lives and often are difficult to deal with. A majority of them affect our state of mind which leads to mental issues like depression, anxiety, hypertension, dementia and many more. According to dementia statistics, it is estimated that by 2050 more than 115 million people are likely to suffer from dementia globally. Yet people are ignorant about these mental health issues which if overlooked can become serious over time.

Fortunately, through workouts, you can ensure a healthy brain and lead a stress-free life. Performing exercises daily can refresh your body and keep you mentally fit. Research from UCLA stated that regular workout increased growth factors in the brain i.e improving the ability of the brain to grow new neuronal connections-an important process in learning. Further, it enhances your sleep patterns, thought-process and elevates your mood.

How EMS training as a Fitness Workout keeps you mentally fit?

If you are having a busy life then it’s normal that you don’t have time for regular exercise. But this fabulous technology has made it much easier for us to lead a healthy life physically as well as mentally.  EMS training is extremely beneficial for those who don’t want to kill their time in the gym. It’s time-saving and incredibly effective. The University of Georgia reported that exercising only for 20 minutes facilitates information processing and memory functions.

You all are aware of various EMS benefits and one of them is promoting good brain health. Only 20 minutes of exercise 2 times per week can produce the same results as one-hour training in the gym.

During the EMS Session, the personal trainer will make you perform a series of exercises and guide you throughout the training. By the end, you will feel amazing as the training will increase the mood enhancing neurochemicals in the brain.

Benefits of EMS training for Brain Health

EMS training will absolutely bring out the best in you. Listed below are some of its benefits that can help to keep mental health problems at bay.

  1. Relaxes the body and mind
  2. Reduces stress and anxiety
  3. Sharpens the memory
  4. Elevates the mood
  5. Boosts the immune system
  6. Promotes a positive mental attitude
  7. Supports better sleep

Looking at the present hectic lifestyle, it can get difficult to take out time for exercise but thanks to EMS Training which has made it easier than ever to attain mental health goals fast. As per the study by the University of Michigan, people who exercised daily for 30 minutes were found as much happier as those who engaged in 150 – 300 minutes of exercise a week.

So if you are intrigued by this amazing fitness technology and want to try it, drop by Techfit20 centre near you. Through expert guidance and medically approved device, we provide the best 20-minutes EMS Training in India to boost your brain health with less time involved.

To know more about this workout and how it works, click here.

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