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Sports Performance Enhancement through EMS Training

Be it football, basketball or any other sport, they all require training to perform well. Generally, you must have seen many athletes or sportsperson spending long hours at the gym to improve their fitness level. But that’s not the only way to improve performance. Now with the help of an advanced technology called EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)Training, a person involved in sports can reach his goals faster and enhance their performance in just 20 minutes!

The fastest man on earth Usain Bolt has already been making use of this training for years now. The greatest tennis player, Roger Federer also swears by EMS Training for muscle growth.

So, how does EMS Workouthelpsin Sports Performance Enhancement? Electric signals are sent by the medically approved device that has the capacity to contract the muscles. You can target any specific muscle group from deep within for 20-minutes. Usually, while doing the normal workout in the gym, only 60-70% of muscles fibres get activated but training with EMS can activate about 90% of muscle fibres, thus, producing the same effect that one can have while training in the gym for 6 days for two hours.  This can be used to strengthen the muscles and toning of the body without any harmful effects.

As per EMS research, done by Andre Filipovic and Dr Heinz Kleinoeder (2013), there was a significant improvement in the strength, speed, jumping and running performance of 22 professional German soccer players who participated in EMS training over a period of 14 weeks.

  • Strength performance increased on average by 30.07 %
  • Jumping performance increased on average by 9.14 %
  • Speed and sprint performance increased on average by 19.38 %
  • Kicking speed increased on average by 16.3 %

In the initial days of training, you might experience muscle stiffness which is quite normal as your body starts to recover. Then after 4 weeks, you’ll start feeling stronger and fitter.

Now, let’s take a look at the several benefits that EMS Training provides for improving sports performance.


  • Builds Muscles Mass

EMS Training makes use of electric impulses to activate specific muscle groups. The extra stimulation given to your muscles helps in building muscle mass by increasing muscle fibres which are noticeable in the form of an increased size of arm and leg muscles.


  • Increases Blood Circulation

By stimulating the muscle tissue from deep within, EMS Workout increases blood circulation which is important for an athlete’s muscle performance and recovery. It also helps by flushing out any toxic impurities causing pain and stiffness.


  • Increases overall strength and endurance

You gain rapid strength in short span. The research done by J. Mester, S. Nowak, J. Schmithuesen, H. Kleinoeder and U. Speicher (2008/2009) showed that EMS Training increased the maximum strength of the tested muscle groups on average by 9% and significantly improved the maximum power output on average by 29%. This is highly effective for sports performance.


  • Quick Workout

It activates 90% of the muscles in the body simultaneously in just 20-minutes only! When it comes to traditional training, an athlete or a sportsperson has to train for several days in a week whereas in EMS Workout you can attain the desired result quicker than ever!


  • Rehabilitation

Sports injuries are very common and can hamper the overall performance. This usually happens due to the inactivate muscles groups in the body that makes a person more prone to injuries while playing sports. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) as a therapy helps here to activate the dormant muscles and gives time to recover as well.

If you are planning to take up EMS training to excel in Sports, visit the closest TecFit20 centre near you today.

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