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Why is EMS the fastest calorie burning workout?

Tired of giving yourself a pep talk every day and still not able to burn those calories fast? With a busy schedule, does it become more difficult? Well, it’s time to brush off this trouble getting in the way of your fitness goals and incorporate EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) Training. Already being used by many professional athletes while preparing for International events, it is the best workout to burn calories faster in just 20-minutes! To get back in shape, many people are opting for it and gradually gaining popularity among the masses as a muscle-strengthening tool too.

What is EMS Training?

It is a full body workout that activates 90% of your muscles simultaneously by sending electrical impulses to contract our muscle fibers. As compared to conventional methods of training, EMS Training triggers deep muscle groups leading to an increase in core stability. The muscle plays a very active role in body toning and sculpting and with EMS Training, it gets easier and faster. Along with being the fastest calorie burning exercise, it provides a lot of other health and pain relief benefits, ideal for all age groups.

Why is EMS Training the best exercise to burn calories fast?

In one of the scientific studies, the final observations were:

  • EMS training reduced body fat by up to 4% within six weeks.
  • 87% reported significant visible effects in body shape.
  • Seniors over the age of 65 reduced their body fat by approximately 6%

The above statistics clearly show how effective EMS training is for body toning. Whether you are gaining weight due to immobility or metabolism, this planned method of training burns calories faster than ever! It saves time and helps in shedding those extra kilos easily. The weight loss can be felt in specific body parts or entirely. Especially for people who find it difficult to squeeze out time for a workout, EMS Training will certainly come across as the fastest calorie burning exercise to lose weight. However, you can only reap the benefits of this training, if done regularly so that the muscles don’t get reduced to its original state.

How does EMS Training work?

Done through a medically approved device and under the guidance of trained fitness trainers, an electric current is passed through the muscle fibers to stimulate them. 90% of the muscle fibers in the targeted areas get activated in just 20-minutes! The muscles gain mass which leads to increased physical awareness. Within 4 weeks, you can see the visible difference. Your trainer can also decide the intensity and frequency of the electricity charges to attain your fitness goal of burning calories fast.

TecFit20’s EMS Training Center

Holds a reputation as one of the best fitness studios in India for EMS Training, TecFit 20 has centers in Bangalore, Mohali, and Delhi. Our professional personal trainer guides and reviews the training to activate muscles as per your goals. Instead of running in the scorching heat or on a treadmill, join us and try EMS Training to burn calories significantly faster.

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