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Best Fitness Centre in Bangalore
The TecFit20 studio as part of the AB Targeting Performance Center in Bangalore is conveniently located out of Padukone Dravid Center of Sports Excellence (PDCSE). Being one of the best gyms in the electrical city, Bangalore, it offers Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training for people looking for quick results. In 20-minute full-body workout session, you can attain the desired fitness goal that you have been aiming for! With the help of medically approved devices, an electric current is passed through to stimulate muscle contraction which activates over 90% of the muscle groups at the same time. The intense EMS Training as compared to conventional method of training helps better in striking a balance amongst the muscles in the body and increase core stability.
Fitness Centre in Bangalore

Throughout you’ll be under the guidance of best fitness trainer in Bangalore, to increase strength and speed without compromising with the results. We know that relaxation is important, especially for people under time pressure.

Keeping this aspect in mind, TecFit20 has come up with a fitness center in Bangalore that conducts workout sessions to save time with fewer efforts involved through EMS Training. Join us to experience the change that you wish to see in your body in the form of a gradual increase in muscle formation along with a reduction in body fat.


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